25Kg bags
40 bags per pallet 
1 ton per pallet


A natural Hydraulic Lime ideal for rendering, plastering, pointing and masonry mortars,
grouting & lime washing.

NHL1 (Feebly Hydraulic) similar in strength and properties to "Grey Chalk Lime".Typically used for internal works and external pointing/rendering on very soft masonry.

NHL 2 (Feebly Hydraulic) typically used for internal works, external repointing/rendering and building on soft masonry in sheltered areas.

NHL 3.5 (Moderately Hydraulic) used for rendering/repointing and building works on most masonry types.

NHL 5 (Eminently Hydraulic) Used for external works in exposed areas such as chimneys, copings, river and canal works.Providing a faster set and harder finish.

Dragon Alfa Cement Ltd also stock Singleton Birch Hydraulic Lime in the NHL 3.5 (Moderately Hydraulic) form. We are able to supply upon request the full range of Singleton Birch Lime products

A natural Hydraulic Lime ideal for rendering, plastering, pointing and masonry mortars,
grouting & lime washing.

Singleton Birch Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) 3.5 is classed as a moderately hydraulic lime. It is a
white powder colour and suitable for use in most weather conditions.

Packed in 25kg multi layer paper bags, including a moisture resistant polythene membrane.
40 x 25kg per pallet = 1 ton

Hydraulic Lime must be stored in unopened bags, clear of the ground in cool, dry conditions.

Singleton Birch NHL have been used in production for over 150 years. Millions of tonnes have been used
successfully on a global scale, in the most diverse climatic conditions. During this time the
manufacturer has generated a wealth of technical information which is available on request.


Natural Hydraulic Lime is a very versatile material and has many features and benefits. Its
whiteness allows the best reproduction of sand colour. All applications and finishes are possible.
Generally used for restoration and conservation work, working temperatures not below 5C or above
30C. In case of high temperatures or strong winds humidify surfaces regularly. Protect from frost
for a minimum of 72 hours.

Singleton Birch NHL particles, if inhaled, can irritate the upper respiratory track. Avoid contact with
eyes. Irritation and even injury can occur. When mixed with water, the paste obtained is highly
alkaline. It can dry the skin and mucous membranes in the event of prolonged contact. If present,
chromates can be dissolved by the water and this could cause allergic skin reactions in some
hypersensitive individuals when exposed by lengthy and repeated contact. The basic components of
NHL are common natural materials.

Singleton Birch produce a complete range of Pure & Natural Hydraulic Limes, for more information please
contact Dragon Alfa Cement Ltd.