CEM I, 42.5R.
25Kg bags
64 bags per pallet
1.6 tonnes per pallet

Portland Cement Hybrid Bag

Dragon Alfa Cement are excited to introduce to the market our water repellent Hybrid bag. The design of the Hybrid bag has seen our traditional paper bag covered in a high density polyethylene plastic. The innovative design allows the bag to offer greater protection against gradual moisture ingress versus a traditional paper bag.

Dragon Alfa Portland Cement is a CEM I, 42.5R pure grade cement. Due to its increased fineness it produces a higher early strength in a wide variety of concretes, mortars and grouts.

  • Resists direct rain and moisture ingress for up to two weeks during outside storage.
  • Increased shelf life.
  • Longer shelf life allows for bigger loads, resulting in reduced prices.
  • Fully recyclable packaging.
  • 100% pure portland cement
  • High early strength benefits
  • Increased fineness
  • Light in colour
  • Compatible use with admixtures
  • Chromium (VI) Compliant

    Cement type B.S E.N 197-1 52.5 R. The technical services of Dragon Alfa Cement are available to all our

    Dragon Alfa Cement Portland Cement is a cement based product and therefore (as with wet concrete or mortar) 
    may cause irritation, dermatitis or alkali burns. Contact between cement powder and the skin in conjunction with body fluids may also cause irritation, dermatitis or alkali burns. There exists a serious risk of damage to the eyes - Always wear suitable protective clothing and eye wear. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse 
    immediately with clean water and seek medical advice.

    Dragon Alfa Cement Portland Cement produces a high early strength in a wide variety of concretes, mortars and 

    Dragon Alfa Cement has a very light grey colour which enhances the properties of pigments in concrete products and mortars.

    Packed in 25kg multi layer paper bags, date coded, including a moisture resistant polythene membrane.
    64 x 25kg per pallet = 1.6 tonnes

    Dragon Alfa Cement OPC must be stored unopened bags, clear of the ground in cool, dry conditions.

      • Contains Chromium (VI) which may cause an allergic reaction
      • Keep out of reach of children


    Due to the increased fineness of Dragon Alfa Cement Portland Cement it will produce a higher early strength and
    will facilitate earlier demoulding and handling of all types of precast concrete products. It is suitable for use with 
    pulverized fuel ash and ground granulated blast furnace slag. Suitable additives and admixtures may be used 
    with it to extend its range of properties.